Peace or Panic

by Jill Francis on September 13th, 2013

Three weeks ago, at the ripe old age of forty-seven (47), my husband had a heart attack. As he was being prepped for his cardiac catherization, and supplemental stent placement, he said the doctor asked him if he was scared. "No, doctor, he said, I'm either going to make it, or I'm not”.
He later told me that he had a sense of peace during the procedure because he knew that if he were to pass away, our family would have provisions; our home would be paid off, our sons' colleges educations paid for, etc.  As a family, we have discussed burial versus cremation, our funeral services, how we want to be remembered and the charities to which we want donations sent (in lieu of flowers). We have had pragmatic, practical, and at times, rather morbid discussions about end-of-life. 
But all of the discussions and planning provided my husband with a sense of calm during a time that could have potentially been one of fear and panic. Can you say the same?  If faced with the possibility that you might not "make it", do you know that your family will be ok or will they be scrambling to find money to bury you, and then make ends meet?  Will your family mourn your loss or be angry with the mess you left?  Conversations about end of life are difficult, but not nearly as difficult as the process of sorting through one’s personal affairs when they are no longer with us. 
If you love your family, then do the hard thing and have the conversations and prepare.  When facing end-of-life, which would you prefer, peace or panic?

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