Happy Holidays?

by Jill Francis on December 17th, 2013

Although the Holidays are joyous for many, with family and friends gathering for celebrations, they are also bittersweet for those with family members suffering from long-term illnesses.  Questions such as, “is this our last Christmas together?”, “will he make it to New Year’s?”, “is this the last Christmas she’ll remember me?” are common among caregivers and family members of those with terminal illness and dementia.

As you celebrate this season, remember those you know who are caregivers and consider the gifts you can give them:  time to go shopping alone while you stay with their loved one, time to have their hair done, caroling at the home of those who can’t get out, help with decorating, help with yard work, visits, and laughter.  And just a hint, don’t ask what you can do for them, offer something specific and allow them to adjust the offer as they need/wish.

Compassion, thoughtfulness and the gift of time can make the Holidays better even when they are bittersweet.

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