Unwelcome Guest

by Jill Francis on March 22nd, 2018

​Standing in the grocery store, choosing a cake to celebrate Two who should have been there; and Grief creeps up…unexpected.

Looking at a family photograph and missing the One not pictured, the One who made the family whole; and Grief sidles up…unbidden.

Finding a familiar sweater, worn and scented with One who has gone; and Grief entwines itself….unwanted.

Laughing with Loved Ones over a shared memory of One who is forever absent; and Grief joins in…uninvited.

I have come to believe when Love is high and long and wide and deep; when it is unconditional and strong, faithful and true; then Grief becomes its Ballast…its Counterpoint.  It becomes the unexpected, unbidden, unwanted, uninvited, unwelcomed, Undesired Guest who refuses to leave when asked.  Who refuses to stay away when ordered. 

And even when we give Grief entrance, even when we spend a Season with him and allow his presence to dwell with us until the anger and sorrow has subsided…he yet refuses to abandon us completely…or forever.  He knows Love remains…and so he remains also; ever lurking, just outside our periphery, always waiting for a moment when we are vulnerable.  Always waiting to remind us of our Loss.

But perhaps I need to welcome him when he appears unexpectedly…because I know his presence means I have Loved greatly.  Perhaps I need to celebrate the unexpected moments because they point to Love of height and depth, of length and breadth; Love that has been unconditional, strong, faithful and true. 

Perhaps I need to welcome Grief…as a Reflection of my Love…and as a reminder…

Love.  Always.  Wins.

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