Get Your Party On!

by Jill Francis on March 25th, 2014

We have had two parties in my family that will probably mean the most to me.  The first, was for my parents' 45th wedding anniversary and the second was just a few weeks ago at my mother's nursing home.

About six weeks before my parents 45th anniversary, the thought occurred to me that we should have a party to celebrate that many years of marriage.  Although most would have waited until the 50th (after all, if they've been married that long, they'll probably make it to 50!), we were afraid that in five years, Momma's Alzheimer's disease would have prevented her from enjoying the party, so we celebrated while she was able.  We had a mini-wedding cake, mints, nuts, punch and corsages...just like they'd had 45 years earlier.  We invited friends and family and we had a marvelous time!  

Just a few months ago, while attending a gathering for some old friends who were visiting, it occurred to me that I wanted to see all of these friends again, but I didn't want Momma's funeral to be the next time I saw them.  So we had a party!  But this time it was at the nursing home.  

Again, we invited friends and family and we asked them to join us in celebrating Momma's life...while she is still with us.  Although she seemed to be completely unaware of what was happening around her, I like to think Momma knew she was in a room full of people who love her.  We laughed, we told stories, we reminisced and we cried.  It was a good, good day.

Celebrate life now.  Don't wait for an occasion, don't assume you have tomorrow, send flowers to the living and GET YOUR PARTY ON!  

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