In 2002, at the age of sixty-two (62), my mother Jeannette was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease, and she accepted the news with much more grace and dignity than I. Fortunately, my father is a practical man and a planning man, and he began to make a few legal, financial and final preparations. Yet even with the reading, planning, preparations and discussions, there still came the unexpected and the issues for which we were unprepared. We learned, however, that our planning and conversations made coping with the unexpected easier. We also learned that not all families plan and converse and that it is sometimes difficult to find the resources one needs, especially when emotions are running high, nerves are frayed and stress is the method of the day.

At Gracious Goodbyes, we realize that preparing for Life's "final goodbye" is a difficult, painful, overwhelming and often frustrating process. It is our goal to help families have the difficult, but necessary conversations so they can plan and prepare. We hope to provide easy access to helpful resources, information and ways to connect with others in similar circumstances. It is our desire to provide you with support along your journey, so that everyone's final good-bye can be a Gracious Goodbye.