Why Plan?


When we leave a job or move to a new location, we talk about it, plan, prepare, seek expert advice in some cases, and say our goodbyes; we might even have a party and celebrate the time and memories there. But when it comes to Life’s final goodbye, we often fail to talk or do any planning whatsoever…preferring to leave the details to our loved ones left behind. Unfortunately, a failure to plan leaves fewer, if any, choices, especially in the case of long-term illness.


We are doing our best to put together a comprehensive list of the types of service providers we believe are needed for a Gracious Goodbye, from attorneys to care providers to funeral homes. But we recommend you begin by talking. Talk to your family, your friends, professionals. Check out The Conversation Project and Five Wishes for ideas on how to begin. Look through our list of providers for ideas, and please…prepare for a Gracious Goodbye.